Teacher Workshop: Fiesta! Hispanic Arts and Culture

Teacher Workshop: Fiesta! Hispanic Arts and Culture

Traditions, celebrations, artists, history, and gods! Enrich your existing curriculum through an investigation of Latin American art and artifacts. Discover fun and meaningful lessons that reinforce cultural connections. Workshop is hands-on, and fun; come again this year for an entirely new curriculum packet of projects!

Session # 103924

CPE Credit ‣ 6.0

Subject(s) ‣ Bilingual/ESL, Fine Arts, Language Art, Art Instructors, Social Studies

Grade(s) ‣ 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Audience(s) ‣ Secondary Teachers

Teacher Workshop: Printmaking- A Cross-cultural Sampler of Traditions

Searching for fun and budget-friendly ways for your students to explore multi-cultural printmaking traditions?

Come enjoy a variety of materials and techniques presented through the lens of Visual Art and Artifacts from the museum collection.

Very hands-on workshop; leave with curriculum packets and finished samples. 

Session # 103921

CPE Credit ‣ 6.0

Subject(s) ‣ Visual Art, Fine Art, Social Studies, World History

Grade(s) ‣ 6th-12th

Audience(s) ‣ Visual Art, Fine Art, Social Studies, World History Instructors 6-12th Grade

Teacher Workshop: The Art of Reading

Teacher Workshop: The Art of Reading

Our most popular workshop six years in a row- come again and enjoy NEW materials and projects that blend language and visual art in fun ways for early learners!

Lessons include strategies to develop or enhance visual, verbal and listening skills. Projects are designed to encourage meaningful connections and creativity, as well as fine motor-skill development.

Workshop is interactive and fun; all participants leave with curriculum enrichment packets and samples of each project. 

Session # ‣ 103922

CPE Credit ‣ 6.0

Subject(s) ‣ Reading, Language Art, Visual Art, Social Studies

Grade(s) ‣ K, 1, 2

Audience(s) ‣ Art Instructors, Reading Instructors, Language Arts Instructors, General Classroom Instructors