The Old Jail Art Center is a museum first and a party facility second. We want people to enjoy the Old Jail Art Center, but we must protect our art and building. Please read this policy carefully and discuss any concerns with the Rental Coordinator at the time of booking.

To reserve a space for rental, contact 

Holly Phillips, Admin Asst./Rental Coordinator at 325.762.2269

How to reserve a space

Requests for the use of the space should be submitted to the Rental Coordinator at least 60 days in advance of the proposed use. Each event must be approved by the Executive Director. A Facility Rental Agreement and a Facility Reservation Form must be filled out completely and signed by the person or persons who are legally and financially responsible for the event. The Green Art Library can accommodate groups of up to 25 persons, and the Stasney Center for Education can accommodate 200 guests maximum for a cocktail-style reception and 150 maximum for a seated dinner. An initial meeting with OJAC staff is required at the time contract is signed, and other meetings may be required.


The applicant individual or organization must be a current member of the Old Jail Art Center. Membership levels are as follows:

Founders' Circle


Exception: Clubs and organizations such as civic clubs and church groups in the Albany area may use the OJAC once per year without a rental fee; however, are required to reimburse the OJAC for any extra staffing or security costs associated with the use of the facility.

NOTE:   The OJAC reserves the right not to rent or prohibit the use of its facility on a case by case basis.  Events that are specifically not allowed are fundraisers by other organizations, weddings, and wedding receptions.  

Fees and other deposits

To secure the reservation of a specific date/time, a 25% booking deposit is required. This amount applies toward your total rental fee. A Security Damage Deposit is also required at the time of booking. This deposit will be returned within 30 days to Lessee if no damage is noted to tables, chairs, grounds, equipment, or to the museum itself upon post-rental inspection. If alcohol is being served at an event, the Security Damage Deposit will be doubled. Any event with 100 or more attending will require a security guard. The number of security guards and museum staff needed for each event will be determined by the Executive Director. The number will depend on the nature of the event, number of people attending and the amount of space used. In the event that such a determination is made that additional security and/or museum staff is needed, the cost will be paid by the Lessee. This will be agreed upon in advance with the Lessee. All events have a five-hour maximum, including set-up and clean-up. There will be a $50.00/hour charge for each hour over the maximum. All events, including clean-up, must be concluded by midnight.

Rental Fees                                                                Booking Deposit
Up to 50 persons         $ 40.00/hr.                          25% of Rental Fee
51 to 100 persons        $ 100.00/hr.                                "       "
101 to 200 persons      $ 200.00/hr.                               "       "

Contributor Discounts

Individuals, businesses, or organizations that have made gifts in the following categories in the previous twelve months may receive a discount. The discount categories are as follows:

$ 500 - $ 999                                5%
$ 1,000 - $ 4,999                         10%
$ 5,000 - $ 9,999                         15% 
$ 10,000 - above                         Free

Payment Policy

The balance (Rental Fee, less the 25% deposit, plus Security Damage Deposit and extra staff/security) is due and payable before the close of business at the OJAC 60 days prior to the event. If timely payment is not made, the facilities will not be made available.

Cancellation Policy

The Booking Deposit and Security Damage Deposit is 100% refundable 7 days after date of booking. If cancellation of the event occurs after 7 days of the agreement date, the Booking Deposit will be forfeited, but the Security Damage Deposit will be refunded.

Unforseen Circumstances

The OJAC will not be held liable for failure to carry out arrangements that are beyond our control.


Lessee will be required to pay for at least one security guard if attendance is expected to be 100 persons or more.  The OJAC reserves the right to require and charge for additional security guards as it deems appropriate.

Security Damage Deposit
(Note: At events where alcohol will be served, the Security Damage Deposit will be doubled.)
Up to 50 persons         $ 50.00
51 to 100 persons        $ 100.00
101 to 200 persons      $ 200.00

Piano - Lessee will pay for tuning if it is requested.

Any additional staff and/or security needed for event will be paid for by Lessee.