Curated by Patrick Kelly.

An exhibition of OJAC permanent collection works will use a loaned work by Norman Lewis (1909-1979) as a focal point. The newly formed Art Bridges Foundation has generously loaned this oil on canvas by Lewis. Arts patron and philanthropist Alice Walton formed the foundation with a mission of expanding access to American art by partnering with institutions, both large and small, to share a wider range of works of art with visitors.

This exhibition titled Two Worlds considers works that explore the balance between depicting reality and investigating non-objective creations. Often the subject of a work is used as a vehicle to explore the language of abstraction or abstract devises are used to emphasize something within a narrative or scene. Shape and form become gestural stokes while at the same time a stroke can reinforce a mood or feeling for the viewer - reinforcing what the artist is striving to convey pictorially. Works within this exhibition will illustrate this approach as artists teeter back-and-forth from abstracted subjects to the realm of non-objective abstraction. 

 NORMAN LEWIS,   Untitled (Subway Station) ,  c. 1945, oil and sand on canvas, 24 x 36 in. On loan from Art Bridges. LX.083. 

NORMAN LEWIS, Untitled (Subway Station), c. 1945, oil and sand on canvas, 24 x 36 in. On loan from Art Bridges. LX.083.