Curated by Patrick Kelly. 

Artist Matt Kleberg is a native Texan, who now lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.  His approach to image making is simple, direct and impactful. Using oil stick on large canvases, his works depict interior or architectural spaces. Kleberg limits his visual vocabulary to intense colored stripes applied in serial repetition. The not-so-subtle combination of color, pigment texture, disorienting perspective, and large scale easily grabs viewers' attention and  draws them into his fabricated spaces.

Kleberg's titles for his works are in direct opposition his imagery - which, by nature of their simplicity, do not lend themselves to descriptive titles. Often his more stoic visual images are juxtaposed with humorous and incongruous titles such as The Get Down, Idle Warship or Flim Flam

This OJAC exhibition will be Kleberg's first solo museum exhibition in his home state of Texas.