Visit the OJAC on any day of the week and you are likely to run into a JuDo or two. (Junior Docent, that is!)

In addition to an active adult Docent Volunteer Corps, the museum hosts a Docent training program for ages 14-19. Since 2008, this program has played a large role in the museums relationship with its small, West Texas community. Children that grow up attending OJAC Summer camps or Family Festivals apply for the Junior Docent program, knowing they will help to continue those same events for younger students and families in their hometown. 

This experience of this program is part internship/ part art education and arts advocacy training. Junior Docents aid Education Department Staff in a variety of tasks- from pinning flyers around town, program supply prep and event set-up, to researching and leading gallery talks and curating an exhibit of local student art each Spring. By high school graduation, these students have had an invaluable exposure to the fine arts, as well as an opportunity practice their research and public speaking skills and invest in the cultural assets of their community.

These teen volunteers are an integral part of the OJAC family, and while they are rewarded with snacks, Appreciation Field Trips and even college scholarships, the museum views itself the true winner as it develops precious relationships with these future advocates.