The Robert E. Nail, Jr. Archives current exhibit complements the Texas Moderns art exhibition with a display focusing on the life and work of artist Evaline Sellors.

Evaline Clarke Sellors was born August 30, 1903 in Fort Worth, Texas. As a child she was enrolled in private art classes, and later attended prep school at Texas Woman's College Academy. Following a couple of years spent abroad, Sellors returned to Fort Worth and with the help of artists Blanche McVeigh and Sallie Gillespie opened the Texas School of Fine Arts in 1932. Later renamed the Fort Worth School of Fine Arts, the school was closed in 1941 with the advent of WWII.

During the war, Sellors worked at North American Aviations as an instructor in the mockup department, which created plaster models that became casts used to manufacture plane parts for the company. After the war, Sellors continued to teach, working as an art instructor through 1980.

While teaching, Sellors continued to exhibit her work, and maintained a studio in her garage until 1993 when failing eyesight forced her to retire. Sellors died May 17, 1995 at the age of 91