The OJAC recently accessioned six works on paper by Austin artist Heyd Fontenot (b. 1964). The suite of drawings were received as a gift from Stanley W. Light of Dallas through the suggestion of the artist. Fontenot's creative vision has found expression in many different artistic roles including designer, art director, producer, filmmaker and painter. Among his many clients are theater companies, retail businesses and media production companies. In the 1990s, Fontenot produced a significant body of work as an experimental filmmaker. This period was crucial to his growth as an artist and continues to inform his work as a painter. Fontenot was born in 1964 in Lake Charles, Louisiana. He currently lives and works in Austin, Texas.

As described by the artist, “The paintings and drawings are essentially portraits, despite the frequent inclusion of embellishment or exaggeration. Using my friends as models allows me to meditate on their individual qualities and uniqueness. Academic-style “accuracy” is not the goal. I seek to achieve a particular intimacy. My focus is on the unique qualities of the individual, which are not limited to physical information.”