The museum offers one Museum Studies Internship for Undergraduate or Graduate University students each Fall, Spring and Summer Semester.

This 10-week internship includes focused work providing experience in each of the following museum departments:

  • Collections Management

  • Museum Archives

  • Museum Education/ Art Education

Applicants must be currently enrolled or have completed an arts, education or history related program (Museum Studies, Museum Science, History, Art History, Art Education, General K-12 Education)

Internship work rotates between museum departments and is generally administrative but includes project/ portfolio building opportunities.

Position requires 12 hours of on-site work each week for 10 weeks.

Flexible start date and workdays/hours to be determined upon offer and acceptance of appointment.

Internships are paid a fixed, weekly stipend to cover travel costs.

2018-2019 Application deadlines are as following:

Fall 2019 Internship: September 13

Spring 2020 Internship: January 24

Summer 2020 Internship: May 29

If interested, fill out the form below.

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Museum Studies Internship requires 12 hours of on-site work each week. (Each of the three museum departments will receive 4 hours of intern service each week) Please check your general availability
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