What to Expect As a Teacher/ Chaperone

ARRIVAL: Please be on time. We know many of you are coming from afar, so if you are late, please call us and let us know. 325.762.2936. We will make every effort to still tour your group as planned- however, we do run multiple tours each day and have a fairly regimented schedule. 

When your bus/van arrives to the museum, please enter the sculpture courtyard- not the building. A museum educator will greet your group there and review the rules and expectations with your students. If it is raining- please wait in your vehicle instead of disembarking. A museum educator will step-on to your vehicle and greet/ acclimate your students there before your group heads inside the building.

CHAPERONES: Please be aware that the OJAC requires one chaperone (teacher/ parent, etc.) for each 25 students visiting. Chaperones help us to enforce our NO-TOUCH policy and must remain with the group at all times during tour. 

Note: Following your tour, when your group enters the Stasney Center to begin your studio activity- chaperones may feel free to accompany individuals to the restrooms a few at a time. (Due to limited restrooms, this helps us avoid wasted program time by a long restroom break during or following your program.)


NO-TOUCHING: The OJAC does not allow touching of any of its artwork on display inside the museum. Sculptures outside of the museum (in courtyard or on grounds) are fine to touch. The museum educator who greets your group will review and explain this policy with your students.


PHOTOGRAPHY: If your students are older and have cell phones, they are free to take images of any object outside or inside the building- so long as they do not use flash or delay the tour. However, if the object has a “no photo” icon on the text label next to it- photography of that object is not allowed. The museum educator who greets your group will review and explain this policy with your students.


ACCESSIBILITY: The OJAC is fully accessible (restrooms included) except for the second floor of the old jail building, which can be reached only by stairs. It is marked by the National Register of Historic Buildings and cannot be altered. The remainder of the museum is at ground level. 

Please notify us of any special needs in your group before your arrival.



The Albany Visitors’ Centerwill be happy to assist you with tour ideas, parks and places to play, restaurant suggestions, etc. at 325/762-2525.