Program Evaluation

Participating classroom teachers in the Art-To-Go school outreach program provide valuable program feedback via program evaluations at the conclusion of each school semester.

These brief evaluations provide OJAC Education Staff essential information for the development of curriculum and experiences that are the most beneficial to your students.

If your students have participated in the Art-To-Go program and received multiple visits this semester, please use the links below to submit your feedback about your observations and experiences this semester. [A printed copy of these forms was also included in the packet you were given during your first campus visit this school year, along with a stamped and addressed envelope for remittence if preferred.]

Mid-Term Program Evaluation [to be submitted in December following Fall Semester]

End-Term Program Evaluation [to be submitted in April/May following Spring Semester]

We appreciate your time as you provide us this valuable feedback. This information is used in the training of our instructors, the choice of monthly curriculum themes and studio activities, etc.

As always, please email to contact Education Director or call 325.762.2936 with any program issues/concerns.

Concluding Program/ Museum Tour

Participating schools in the Art-To-Go school outreach program travel to the museum during the concluding month of their program (May).

This on-site tour program includes:

  • guided tour of sculpture courtyard and museum galleries

  • investigation of all art and artifacts studied in previous campus visits

  • final Art-To-Go lesson and coordinating studio activity

Tour Programs convene at the following days/times:

Tuesday- Friday

10 am - 11:30 am

1 pm - 2:30 pm

May tour program dates are determined at the beginning of the Spring Semester along with Jan-April school campus visit dates.

All participating campuses receive a full subsidy to cover the costs of their travel.

  • Please utilize links below to organize your museum tour this Spring