Facility Manager



The responsibility of the Facility Manager is the care and maintenance of the physical plant.  As Facility Manager, the employee provides professional assistance to the Executive Director in maintaining the facility, which includes: exhibition areas, collection vault, ancillary storage, mechanical, HVAC, security, fire and lighting systems, off-site storage, and exterior grounds.


Accountable to

The Facility Manager reports directly to the Executive Director, who supervises facility maintenance.  Works under general guidance of personnel policies, observes personnel code of ethics, and complies with policies regarding facility control, safety, security and emergency preparedness. Works with and advises Executive Director on all financial matters pertaining to the management of the facilities and outside contractors.



The Facility Manager has the authority to carry out the duties of the office within the framework of the bylaws, policies, plans, and budget approved by the Board of Trustees.


Specific Duties

The Facility Manager’s duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:


Mechanical and Physical Plant systems

1. The Facility Manager will be familiar with and have a basic understanding of the museum’s operating systems, which include HVAC, lighting, security, fire, electrical, and other facility equipment.

2. Observes and makes routine checks on all systems and takes necessary steps to address problems or order required maintenance and supplies. Procedures may include: changing light bulbs, contacting contract labor service personnel and arranging for repairs or maintenance, monitoring facility and reporting any damages, hazards or needed repairs, water filters, monitoring HVAC systems and humidifiers.


Exterior Grounds

3. Oversees maintenance of outside grounds; ensuring grounds are free of debris and refuse. Responsible for arranging for and overseeing contracted basic lawn care and landscaping needs.


4. Reports on hazards, deterioration, problems and or damage to grounds, exterior building and outdoor sculptures to Executive Director. Makes necessary arrangements for repair or required maintenance by service contractors. Requests estimates for service calls and repairs, and gets approval from Executive Director for any non-standard expenditures.


Special Events

5. Sets up, breaks down, supervises and organizes facility for opening receptions and when facility is rented to an outside party. Ensures that security of facility and art objects are provided for during a special event. Responsibility includes set-up of tables and chairs, and supervising or arranging for supervision of caterer and bartender during set-up and break-down. This includes preparing facility according to parameters of the event and being available to renters to assist with their preparation needs.


General Maintenance

6. Maintains and organizes preparation room/workroom and storage areas at both the OJAC and off-site locations. Keeps an inventory of supplies and reorders as necessary to keep a sufficient quantity on hand.

7. Works with contracted service personnel to ensure museum equipment (such as thermostats, fire/security system/video, computer servers and backups, are in good working order. Similarly, monitors condition of the galleries (temperature, light levels and humidity) to ensure safe display of art works.

8. Supervises and instructs contracted housekeeping.


Condition of Employment

The Facility Manager’s work is reviewed in terms of overall effectiveness and efficiency of collection management.  The Facility Manager shall be employed by the Executive Director and is subject to personnel policies set by the Board of Trustees.



Send resume and inquiries to: Patrick Kelly at curator@theojac.org / 325.762.2269